Gum disease or Periodontal Disease causes Bone Loss around Teeth. We provide basic periodontic treatments like scaling for removal of plaques and deposits from the tooth surface and advanced procedures like bone grafting and flap surgeries.

Periodontal plastic surgery is designed to restore form and function to the gum tissue, periodontal ligament, and the bone that supports your teeth or an individual tooth. The real long-term goal of any periodontal surgery is to increase the life expectancy of the teeth and their usefulness. Basically, periodontal surgery removes UNHEALTHY tissue that has been transformed by the disease and then reconstructs the gums and surrounding tissues to better support the teeth and to recreate a normal appearance.

Periodontal disease is diagnosed when gingival or gum tissue attachment to the teeth is abnormal and bone changes may be evident through x-rays. When periodontal disease is detected, first recommendation are a few behavioral changes including an enhanced oral hygiene program, quitting smoking, and possibly some additional lifestyle changes.